lightweight crane
A Tall Hand Lifting System will minimize awkward, heavy lifting for work crews at jobs where a larger crane is impractical. Rely on Tall Hand’s trailer-mounted, battery-operated, cable-controlled crane to lift and place large loads quickly, accurately, and safely. Your business can avoid accidents and reduce the risk of injury caused by manual lifting. Get the most out of your workforce and complete jobs sooner with the help of a Tall Hand Lifting System.

Tall Hand Advantages:
Lift Height In Excess of 45'
Raise Loads Up to 1000 lbs. Load Chart
Deep Cell Battery Powered
Energy Costs Less Than $1 Per Day
Recharge overnight or Operate from Idling Vehicle

Lift and Distribute:
Trusses, roofing, drywall, lumber, walls, sheathing, light poles, concrete blocks, concrete forms, rebar, and air makeup units or other roof hardware.

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